Public transport traffic may be disrupted in Tallinn due to the Rammstein concert

On Wednesday, July 20, a concert by Rammstein will take place on the Song Festival Grounds, which may cause disruptions to public transport in Tallinn in the evening.

“Public transport on Wednesday will run according to the usual schedule, but given that after the concert a large number of people will leave the Singing Field, traffic jams may occur on the adjacent streets, which in turn may lead to changes in the operation of public transport,” the head of the bus service said. TLT Meelis Tartu.

Road users are asked to be careful, stock up on time, and be patient. “For its part, TLT will do its best to ensure that all public transport users can return home comfortably and safely,” Tartu added.

German industrial metal band Rammstein will perform at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds as part of the Europe Stadium Tour 2022. Rammstein will be supported by Duo Abélard, who will take the stage at 20:00, Rammstein will appear in front of the audience at 21:05.

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