History of container transportation

The possibility of developing special containers for multi-purpose use, which can be used both on the road platform and on ships, was constrained by lack of finance and opposition from competitors. But over time, the matter moved from the dead point – the first prototypes of containers were semi-trailers, which were moved to ships, as well as the fastening of such containers to any trucks, began to be solved more quickly.

The truck driver of McLean Trucking, and later the owner, Malcolm McLean, came up with the idea to restructure the organization of the port cargo transportation structure. This prompted Malcolm to build a profitable business, reduce manual labor and prove that the creation of special containers for individual cargoes is completely new.

McLean became the owner of the transport company Sea-Land Inc (Sea-Sushi), and also bought several oil tankers and, accordingly, created projects, re-equipping ships for the transportation of goods in containers. The very first voyage of such a tanker was observed by both civil servants and competitors and representatives of progressive humanity. The tanker could carry 56 containers and 100 people – observers, the route ran from New York to Houston.

Benefits of transition to container transportation

The first transportation of a container ship gave impetus to the development of rapid transportation of goods and movement from one mode of transport to another. Many business people liked Malcolm’s development. He proposed a new idea in transportation, as well as transport for it – a car platform and a sea container ship, also used special equipment and special warehouses in ports.

Transportation of goods in container ships allows you to quickly and reliably move goods over any distance. Heavy manual labor during the loading and unloading of containers has decreased, the duration of transport downtime in ports has decreased.

Such transportation has become safe and reliable. Loss of cargo is practically absent and does not depend on the volume of transportation: containers are used in different sizes, have reliable locks and fastenings to the platforms, their doors are tightly closed.

Such transportation brings financial benefits to all, which affects the increase in traffic volumes. The owners of goods and cargoes process, send and receive delivery of goods faster. This direction of transportation allows to open many new directions in industry, which proves the economic feasibility of container transportation. Modern universal containers – fittings, allow you to freely transport containers on various modes of transport around the world.

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