Palletizing goods using stretch film greatly simplifies all operational logistics processes. There are actually two types of stretch film in use on the market. In addition to manual film in rolls with a length of up to 50 cm, for high-quality and efficient packaging of groups of small goods by hand, as well as for the effective protection of food and other sets of finished products, it is customary to use machine stretch.

Modern palletizing for storage and transportation of goods

Goods on pallets are packed in a dense stretch using automatic machines – for this, rolls with a length of up to 2.5 m are taken. For reliable fixation on a pallet or pallet of goods, semi-finished products and components transported from place to place, it is customary to use modern types of packaging materials. Logistics experts identify a number of palletizing features:

  • universal packaging in tight stretch on pallets/pallets, ordered exclusively for the safe transportation of packages and preventing spillage of small items in boxes/sheets/blocks;
  • the procedure for stretch binding is carried out using automatic special equipment or manually, with reliable fixation of the goods and step-by-step control of the manipulations performed for convenient loading / unloading of orders delivered to the places;
  • special packaging in stretch film is a non-returnable type of materials used;
  • the types of dense stretch used, mainly with a coating layer thickness of 13–30 microns, provide things and products transported over long distances with reliable protection from external environmental factors;
  • the varieties of dense rolled stretch used in practice in order to ensure that the palletization of the cargo is at a level can have an optimal stretching value ranging from 50% to 500% of the original one.

For temporary storage, safe transportation of various goods on pallets, the used stretch packaging will ensure the preservation of the cargo space in its original form and is guaranteed to prevent shifting inside the formed block. Modern cargo palletizing technologies are used to eliminate all kinds of movements for fragile items and special cargo.

The proposed packaging options for palletizing goods are relevant during complex manipulations with transport places, where special vehicles and trucks, containers are used in technical processes. Strong and high-quality fastening allows you to securely hold the goods in a fixed place and use the base of the pallet for loading/unloading/transportation using manipulators and carts.


A significant reduction in logistics costs, simplification in solving organizational issues, facilitates accounting for the storage and transportation of a wide variety of goods, luggage and cargo items. Palletizing cargo with stretch film during shipment provides:

  • convenience and quality of safety of accounting units for operational manipulations with cargo places where pallets or pallets are used;
  • simplicity of all loading / unloading processes and safe transportation even over the longest distances while maintaining the guaranteed quality of the insured places;
  • simplification of all manipulations in the technical processes used, saving not only a valuable workplace, but also the payment of salaries for employees.

Compact stacking for palletizing and stretch packagin

When using manual or machine palletizing for compact stacking of boxes or piece goods, it is important to remember that:

  • on cargo pallets, extremely dense packing of transported or stored places should be observed;
  • after the formation of the block on the pallet with the optimal load capacity of the place and the height of the foot up to 1.5 m, subsequent fixation is performed on the basis of a stretch film or the strapping tape used;
  • the cargo being prepared for delivery to the points of shipment is usually stacked over the entire area of ​​the pallets, but in such a way that the items do not go beyond the edges of the base;
  • for the second and subsequent rows, when laying small, but flat objects, it is customary to use the “checkerboard” layout.

The varieties used in the palletizing of goods with stretch film with the formation of an ergonomic design will additionally secure luggage and prevent damage. The bundle uses twine and ribbons, as well as the own weight of the product, pressing on the layers below.

It is recommended to adhere to the established requirements for packaging and rigging when planning cargo palletizing and protection with equipment for the safe delivery of fragile items and easily perishable goods.

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