Kiosk feature in IntelliTrans TMS mobile app reduces delivery costs and helps drivers

Previously, security guards at the workplace had to look through data to make sure that the right truck was on site. Security has to make sure that the driver is working for the right company and with the right cargo, and that the driver is able to check in.

Currently, there is a transportation management system IntelliTrans, which helps to optimize supply chain operations for bulk and bulk cargo. There is a Kiosk function for this.

With Kiosk, guards have information even before the truck arrives. This allows them to let the driver through quickly, without having to stop and get out of the truck. And also the warehouse staff who prepare the loads can see when the truck is near the facility. This provides advance confirmation of the required product placement in the warehouse.

The Kiosk feature also built into the IntelliTrans TMS mobile app helps truck drivers entering the facility not to get out of the cab unnecessarily or wait in line. This increases driver safety, speeds up the check-in process, and reduces the time spent at the facility. It reduces the cost of delivery and the process is self-service.

When checking in to the IntelliTrans mobile app, the driver’s GPS coordinates confirm that they are on site, drivers also review and confirm Pass Agreements, Safety Requirements, Shipment Details and other information, provide an electronic signature, and all of this is sent to the customer’s ERP system via API.

IntelliTrans Kiosk was born out of customers’ desire to increase security both at their facilities and to reduce contact during COVID. Kiosk in IntelliTrans TMS allows you to maintain safety, extends the closed cycle of IntelliTrans TMS processes down to the driver, and the process is safe and efficient.

IntelliTrans Kiosk includes:

  • wireless interface to industrial scoreboards, allowing drivers to see their place in the queue;
  • direct call of drivers by forklift operators using IntelliTrans TMS Dock Schedule;
  • multilingualism .

The IntelliTrans Kiosk app has reduced waiting times and therefore the call queue prioritizes on-time pickups, paperwork is greatly reduced, documentation is digitized, and all parties gain convenience. Shippers and carriers leave feedback that the IntelliTrans Kiosk is very useful for improving business, drivers and security guards are satisfied with the simplified workflow. Accordingly, carriers benefit from driver satisfaction and efficiency and this in turn improves the relationship between carrier and shipper.

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