Features of preparing furniture for long-term transportation

Furniture items complement the interior, make our life more comfortable at home, in restaurants and cafes, at work. We can say that furniture is where people are. Even in old houses you can find pieces of furniture.

Furniture transportation

Sofas, wardrobes, tables, chairs – all this accompanies us through life. When moving, they move to a new place of residence, so the question arises of transporting bulky items. Almost all people are faced with the problem of transporting sofas and cabinets, which sometimes need to be transported to the country house or a new apartment, tables and chairs to the office.

If you have encountered the problem of transportation, then you know for sure about the complexity of such a process. Items must be transported in such a way that they are not damaged or damaged. If the transportation of bulky items is only planned, stock up on strength and patience.

The number of customers who order the transportation of furniture is constantly growing. The service is offered on a turnkey basis, meaning that the owner will forget about transportation problems. Our experts will dismantle the furniture, pack it and transport it to a new location. Professional workers will perform a complex of works, and the client will be able to do his own business. Please note that this service is expensive.

Self-preparation for delivery is possible only when you have the necessary funds. This will help to save money, to carry out the transportation of property as quickly as possible. Reducing the amount of costs occurs due to the independent preparation of furniture for transportation. You will independently disassemble, pack, assemble it. To do the job correctly, you must follow the recommendations.

Tips for furniture transporting

Before disassembly, important points must be considered. For example, an old cabinet can hardly be assembled after transportation.

Bedside tables with mezzanines can be transported assembled. They can be well packed, order loading work. It is advisable to ask the specialists of the transport company in advance about the features of transportation. If the walls of the van are lined with foam rubber, then it is better to transport sofas and chairs assembled.

  • When preparing, follow these guidelines:
  • remove the handles from the doors;
  • pack glass shelves well;
  • rewind ordinary shelves with tape;
  • take out the mirrors.

Disassembly must be done correctly. Mark the locations of the parts so that later you don’t have to spend a lot of time assembling the “furniture designer”. Fasteners are recommended to be folded into a bag. Scotch tape, stretch film and similar materials are suitable for packaging.

The sofa-book must be transported without side parts, armrests. Upholster white sofas and armchairs with a special film.

Transportation of leather products is a complex process. Such items cannot be stacked with other things. Leather is a material that is afraid of the cold, so in winter and autumn, leather sofas and armchairs can be covered with a blanket.

Extreme care requires the transportation of antiques. For such things, a certain temperature regime is important, and loading operations must be carried out carefully.

Keep in mind that the dimensions of aisles and corridors do not always allow you to freely move large furniture. So that it does not get damaged in a truck, it must be well fixed in the body. For this, special fastening straps are suitable.

By following these tips, you can move everything yourself. If wardrobes, sofas, armchairs are damaged by employees of the transport company, you will receive monetary compensation. If this happens when you transport items yourself, you will have to buy a new headset.

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